In 2005, the Academy of St. Benedict, St. Casimir Academy, and St. Lucy Filippini Academy all merged together to form Ironbound Catholic Academy. ICA’s staff is a mix of teachers from the three schools. The current principal is Mrs. Egle Sausaitiene.

Decades ago, parochial schools could boast of their strong student population. However, affected by dwindling economy, many catholic schools in the Ironbound were not spared. Having difficulty in maintenance, the Archdiocese of Newark decided that merging was inevitable.

The merging of the three schools, on one hand, might have sounded very exciting, but, on the other hand, was scary and unpredictable. The schools were not the only that merged. So did we, faculty and students. The experiences of adjusting to newness fostered healthy competition, team work, new friendships, cooperation, and apprehension that changes a way of life. Because of its location and facilities, St. Casimir Academy was chosen as the site of the newly-established school, which would be known as Ironbound Catholic Academy. It is worth mentioning that the present ICA compound was a mere piece of land purchased in 1908 for the purpose of building a two-story combination of church and school to cater to the needs of the growing Polish immigrant population. The parish was named St. Casimir in honor of the King of Poland who, because of his pious contribution, later became a saint.

Ironbound Catholic Academy is a coed school that serves over 200 students in grades Kindergarten through Eight. The motto of the newly-formed school is: Nurturing Souls, Enlightening Minds. The faculty and staff of Ironbound Catholic Academy are committed educators who will continue to serve the community and educate life-long learners through spiritual growth, physical development, cultural awareness, and academic competence.