Besides having the regular subjects, students are chalenged in everything they do.

These are some clubs under my supervision:

A. Science Club
The president and officers organize projects such as: Collecting pink yogurt lids for breast cancer in October, Collecting used clothing for Lupus foundation, weekly science trivia will be posted in the science bulletin board, and members will be visiting classes demonstrating a certain topic to students from Kindergarten to grade 5

B. Math Club
The president and officers organize activities such as:

* A monthly math problem in which the winner will have his/her picture posted on the “wall of Fame” and gets the name: “MATH MUSKETEER”

*They will also tutor students who need extra help in Math

*Organize “Pi Day”

C. Chess Club
The president and officers organize chess practices for grades 4 through 7, two times during the week. There will be two tournaments; one is a Winter tournament, which will be held in a February and a Spring tournament and will takes place in May. Winner gets a trophy donated by the club.

However, the three clubs agreed to do fundraising to buy a VHS-DVD player to be donated to the science department.

Finally, the 7th grade class also prepares the “Last Will and Testament” party for the graduating class, which is held a week before graduation.