This year’s Eighth Graders are a gem of a class. Being the most senior students in the school, they prove to be the role models in several ways: academics, leadership, and attitude.

The class of 2015 can claim that it has outstanding students who excel in various subject areas. What is most interesting about this class is that the “cream of the crop” creates a conducive atmosphere for a healthy competition. Each one is motivated to do his or her best. Most of them adhere to the idea that competition exists within their individual selves: that is, they are not competing against each other. Instead, they aim at getting better results with their previous individual grades as the gauge of their personal challenge to self improvement.

There is no doubt that this class leads the student populace in activities. They extend assistance to the staff by patrolling classes during inside recess and dismissal time. They are usually the first ones to “let the ball rolling” as in the daily prayers, monthly mass, and similar activities. How do eighth graders prepare themselves to cope with such a series of responsibilities? Beside the rigors of daily academic routines, the school offers enriching opportunities for them to practice and apply their skills in various group work like project-making, fundraising as Bake Sale, raffles, dances or inter-class sessions, and competitions to name a few. Such events have become their training ground for leadership and teamwork.

The class believes that proper behavior brings positive results. This is the reason why each one strives to show optimistic perception of any challenge that comes in his or her midst. Each one is given a chance to find individual niche. The door of involvement is open to all. It is not only for the best students or class officers. No matter what status or level he or she is in, everyone is a part of an activity, be it a regular in-class routine, a special project, or seasonal stage performance. Everyone acknowledges the importance of individual contribution to the success of any endeavor. Everyone respects diversity and individuality, which are the basic concepts behind Catholic Social Justice Teachings. The Eighth Grade Class is truly ICA’s toast to accomplishments. Its members have embraced what the school has been trying to nurture among its students: academic competence, spiritual growth, and character strength. They understand that these are seemingly lofty goals; however, they know that they have to develop them as they set foot to their next educational pursuit, High School.