The Ironbound Catholic Academy offers a positive, encouraging, and safe environment where children can grow in body, mind, and spirit.
Our caring, qualified teachers provide a strong, academic foundation – over 97% of Catholic school graduates advance to college.
School Principal 201 Mrs. Egle Sausaitiene e.sausaitiene@ironboundcatholic.org
School Secretary 201 Mrs. Hilda Pinheiro h.pinheiro@ironboundcatholic.org
Kindergarten 203 Mrs. Idalinda Pinho i.pinho@ironboundcatholic.org
1st Grade 205 Mrs. Anna Ferdyn a.ferdyn@ironboundcatholic.org
2nd Grade 206 Ms. Magdalena Maucione m.maucione@ironboundcatholic.org
3rd Grade 202 Ms. Jessica Lohsen j.lohsen@ironboundcatholic.org
4th Grade 303 Ms. Tiffany Busko t.busko@ironboundcatholic.org
5th Grade 304 Mrs. Juanita Sheffield j.sheffield@ironboundcatholic.org
6th Grade 209 Mrs. Ana Martins a.martins@ironboundcatholic.org
7th Grade 210 Mrs. Kathryn Barrett k.barrett@ironboundcatholic.org
8th Grade 211 212 Mrs. Urszula Gora u.gora@ironboundcatholic.org
Middle School Art & Music 208 Ms. Normita Atienza n.atienza@ironboundcatholic.org
Physical Education Teacher GYM Mr. Georgios Kourkoulis g.kourkoulis@ironboundcatholic.org
Religion/Music Sister Margaret sr.margaret@ironboundcatholic.org
Computer Teacher 302 Ms. Patricia O’Shea p.oshea@ironboundcatholic.org
Spanish Teacher 104 Ms. Shanica Dias s.dias@ironboundcatholic.org
Art 102 Mrs. Ana Boaventura a.boaventura@ironboundcatholic.org
School Library 301 Mrs. Ana Boaventura a.boaventura@ironboundcatholic.org
Classroom Aide Mrs. Maria Cravo m.cravo@ironboundcatholic.org
Classroom Aide Mrs. Helena Kuczek h.kuczek@ironboundcatholic.org
School Nurse 204 Mrs. Grace Jacquet g.jacquet@ironboundcatholic.org
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Therese McTague t.mctague@ironboundcatholic.org