Dear I.C.A. Family,

I hope my message will find all of you safe and healthy.

As we are making our way through week 2 of remote learning, let me
assure you that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. There is not a day
that goes by without our faculty and staff thinking about the I.C.A. students
and their families, and how we could make the overall experience for all
involved less stressful at these difficult times.

As you know, our building has been closed, but the maintenance team has
been actively cleaning and disinfecting it while our faculty and staff have
kept looking for ways how to stay in touch via conference call sessions not
just to keep in contact but also to support each other by sharing good
practices and applying them when working with our students.

What we are all going through right now, has never happened before, so
there is definitely no prior experience to take into consideration in order to
find comfort or assistance in during this historic crisis. For this reason, we
are trying to be very patient as we are testing out new ways to approach
remote education and its implementation in our school community, and as I
mentioned before, it is definitely not a seamless process. Will everything go
fluently? No, it will not. Will that cause us to make any changes? Of course,
it will, because it is a learning process for all involved, but I can assure you
that everything we are doing is for the benefit of our children, and our
educators are working tirelessly to ensure as smooth remote learning at
I.C.A. as possible.

When implementing remote learning, please be advised that following a
schedule at home is very important for the children as they have always
been used to structure and procedures at school. Please continue that as
much as possible and make sure the children are following their teachers
instructions on a daily basis. Please also know that we are all just an email
message away if you need anything.

We know some of our children might feel scared and anxious. Please be
advised that our social worker, Ms. Abie Nwigwe, is available at 862-227-
1421 if your child needs help.

In order for us to keep a balanced calm and peace of mind when
experiencing the current uncertainty, praying is always helpful, so I am
inviting you to join me in this special prayer.

At a very difficult time of this historic peril of coronavirus, with all of you in
my heart, I pray:

Dear God,
To all our I.C.A. family, safety and good health;
To those, who are sick with coronavirus, speedy recovery;
To the health-care providers, perseverance and stamina;
To our leaders, wisdom and compassion;
To those who are afraid, courage;
To those, who need comfort, peace and hope;
To all humanity, unity of heart;

It is our human connections that bring us greatest joys and memories in
life. Therefore, I ask you to treat those around you with compassion,
patience, and loyalty as we are steering our course in this crisis. Take
comfort in the love and caring for those around you, and know that you are
not alone – you a very important part of the I.C.A. family. You are in our
hearts, thoughts, and prayers!

Please stay safe and healthy!

On behalf of all I.C.A. faculty and staff,

E. Sausaitiene